Innovative Financing to Create and Sustain Healthy, Equitable Communities
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Board of Directors

Guilliaem Aertsen
Chair, Aertsen Ventures
Elizabeth Gruber
Vice-Chair, Bank of America
Reza Aghamirzadeh
Citizens Bank
Tom Alperin
National Development
Howard Cohen
Beacon Communities
Daniel Cruz
Cruz Development Corporation
B. John Dill
Colebrook Realty Services
Sheila Dillon
Department of Neighborhood Development
Pamela Feingold
Eastern Bank
Evelyn Friedman
Greater Lawrence Community Action Council
Peter Gagliardi
Tom Gleason
Gleason Housing Strategies LLC
Ann Houston
Opportunities Communities LLC
Chrystal Kornegay
Matthew Murphy
State Street
Keith Nisbet
TD Bank
Martin Rogosa
MJR Capital
Amy Schectman
Moddie Turay