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Treehouse Easthampton

Project at a Glance:
Development Type:
Senior Housing
MHIC Financing:
$850,000 in debt financing
Beacon Communities
Number of Units:

It consists of new construction of 60 residential rental units (Threehouse") on a 4.8 acre site which is part of a larger 46 acre site. There also will be a separate 40 single-family home subdivision, and 35 acres deed restricted for open space uses. Three house wil contain one and two story framhouse style multi-unit clusters along a winding circullar interior roadway. There also will be a 4,000 square foot community center whth offices for no-site professional management staff, program space for seniro, family and child activi6es, a community kitchen and dining area, a barn to houes small animalws for use in community programs, and a central opern space unifying the community and allowing opportunities for formal and informl interatction inclusing active recreation, gardening and walk/jogging trails. Forty-fuve of the units will be one bedroom elderly apartments available only to seniros at 60% or below of AMI, and three will be available for seniors with incomes below 50% of AMI. There are twelve family units: four 1,300 s.f. three bedroom townhouses at market rent, four 1,700 s. f. four bedroom units (2 at market rent, two available to families below 60% AMI), and four 2,000 s.f. five bedroom units available for families below 60% AMI. On a separate parcel of 6.1 acres (not part of Treehouse, but having rights of way over the internal roadway) 40 single family home lots will be laid out for sale to third party developers of which 9 will be available to first time homebuyers.