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The OneStop Low Income Housing Tax Credit Application is now administered on MHIC's web site. The site has a section dedicated to OneStop and contains detailed information about the various files that are needed. The section also provides answers to some commonly asked questions and allows you to download the files associated with the OneStop application.

1. Cell comments
Cell comments have been provided throughout the file for help on a particular topic. These are indicated by red triangles in the upper right-hand corner of the cells. These cell comments are mostly found in column A alongside the numbers. However, where appropriate, these cell comments can be found near the relevant item itself.
2. Cell colors
You will notice that some cells are colored green and others are colored yellow. The green-colored cells contain information that cannot be changed. These include formulae, automatically updated information, links to other cells etc. The yellow-colored cells can accept user input. Some cells are originally white in color but turn to yellow if based on some condition, they need user input.
3. Printing options
In the upper left-handside corner of your screen, you will find a button marked "Print Sheets". When you click this button, you will be presented with a menu that displays all the sheets in the file. You can select specific sheets that you need to print and then click on the "Print Selected Sheets" button. If you need to print all the sheets in the file, you can click on the "Print All Sheets" button. You can also print one or more of the Amortization tables by clicking on the "Print Amortization Tables" button. You can also choose to print the sheets in either Black and White (no shading) or in Color (shading), by clicking either of the radio buttons.
4. Updating information from the web
In the OneStop2000.xls file, the median income limits, qualified census tracts and and the fair market rents are all downloaded from the web and compiled on the pages marked "Income Limits", "Fair Market Rents" and "QCTs". This information is subject to change and the latest numbers are available to the OneStop file. The button on the top left-handside of your screen marked "Update Web Information" can be used to download the latest income limits, QCT and FMR data. The date that this information was last downloaded from the web is posted in the green cells, on the Pages '1. Description' and '4. Operating'. If it has been more than 60 days since this information was last downloaded, you will be prompted with a question, upon opening the file, asking you whether you would like to update any of the information.
5. Optional User Comments
In this version of the OneStop file, the user can enter his/her comments in extra space provided for this purpose.
6. Optional User Calculations
There is extra space provided on some pages where the user can perform any required calculations. If your calculations require more space, there is a sheet called "ScratchPad", provided for the same purpose.
7. List's page
On the 'Lists' page are listed the values that populate the dropdown listboxes, found throughout the OneStop file. You cannot change any of the values that are already listed in the boxes. However, if you choose to, you may add any more entries to the appropriate lists, in the yellow cells.
8. List of exhibits
This sheet provides a quick at-a-glance list of all the exhibits accompanying the OneStop file and their required/ not required status for the specific agencies to which you are applying for. A printout of this list can be used in conjunction with the "Exhibits.doc" Word file in order to determine which sections of the Word file have to be filled out.